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In an idyllic French village, cloistered deep inside the French countryside, we face a grand abandoned structure. As we’re driving on a sandy road in the hilly landscape, a large ruined tower already becomes visible to us in the distance. Several decades ago, it was inhabited by a generous French family, Mr. Gaston, Mrs. Berthe, and all their children, that owned a great fortune in viticulture. They turned wine grapes into gold and lived a carefree and serene life in this remote French village. All this until about 25 years ago, when the couple had both died. From that day forward, the heirs have peculiarly enough never looked back at their parent’s property. As a result, nature has done its job over the past decades and it’s only a matter of time until the property will be razed to the ground.

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Abandoned France: LOST IN THE COUNTRYSIDE | Abandoned Southern French Tower MANSION of a Generous Wine Family
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